GEC gets a greenhouse makeover

GEC gets a greenhouse makeover courtesy of a team of dedicated Scouts.

GEC was thrilled to have our greenhouse get a makeover with the help of a team of scouts, led by Konstantine Flouras, who chose the site as his Eagle Scout project. The project revitalized the greenhouse and surrounding grounds and prepared them for our exciting horticulture program. They began by removing every item from the greenhouse, power washing the cement floor, and washing down the windows. Once done, they returned only needed items back into the newly reorganized wide-open space. Next, the Scouts weeded and pruned the grounds and planted two fruit trees. They cleared a pre-existing raised bed and filled it with bulbs that we hope will be ready to replant into hand-made planters for our spring fundraiser. In addition, they provided three new raised beds and filled two of them with herbs and veggies that we are watering and watching daily in the greenhouse.