The program staff divides their time between working with small groups from the GEC's Hope Morrison, Peter Mulligan, PreVocational and Four Seasons Programs.  The group are taught skills related to ceramics on a three month rotating basis.  Therefore, anyone who is interested has a chance to attend the Ceramics Therapeutic Workshop.

The staff focus on creating beautiful peices for our consumers to paint for agency functions and fundraising initiatives.  Each year they are busy with items for the GEC's Autumn Gala, and putting together gift items for the Third and Fifth Avenue Festivals, as well as the Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts, a local Brooklyn store that highlights products made in Brooklyn, and at several sales in the main building.

We are pleased to offer for sale a selection of beautiful, hand-painted gift items -- mugs, plates, bowls, vases, and trinkets -- all designed, crafted, and finished by participants of our ceramics program and studio.