Windfall Wednesdays 2024

New Game

Will begin April 24, 2024 and will run until April 30, 2025

Fundraising is an essential part that helps support the Guild for Exceptional Children’s (GEC) mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults living with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.

The GEC is pleased to continue “Windfall Wednesdays”, which is based on the 3-digit evening daily (Wednesday) New York State Lottery winning number.

Some quotes from our winners:

  • Jean Serro – “I never expected to win.  I wanted to support GEC’s fundraiser and it was great to be a winner as well.”
  • Linda Cavicchio - “It is a wonderful opportunity to play my favorite numbers while supporting a great organization. I was so happy to be a Windfall Wednesday’s winner!”
  • Danny Dory - “When I found out I was a winner, I was ecstatic!”

How It Works

Each participant will select a 3-digit number from 000-999. You will then have 52 chances to win (if you responded before April 19, 2024) based on the Daily Number drawn on Wednesday evenings starting April 24, 2024 - April 30, 2025.

  • The cost is $50 for one – 3-digit number or $100 for three – 3-digit numbers
  • Each week the winner of the winning number will receive a prize of $100.00. There is only one participant per 3-digit number
  • If there is no winner of the weekly winning number, the GEC is the winner
  • Your number/numbers will stay in play for the entire year even if you win
  • There is no limit to how many times you can be awarded the prize
  • You will receive notification of your assigned number by mail
  • The weekly winning number will be posted on this event page & on social media

To participate, sign up via the form below or download a printable version & mail the form to GEC@ 260 68th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 - Attention: Development.

Please contact the Development Office at 718-833-6633 ext. 228/229 if you have any questions.

Bonus Win!

You can also have another chance to be a winner.  Each month a special drawing will take place for all participants. One name will be picked to win $50. Winners will still be eligible for additional monthly drawings.

Fill out my online form.